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Regional Barcode Meeting - Nairobi, Africa

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CBOL is committed to promoting and increasing global participation in the Barcode Initiative. With this goal in mind, CBOL's Executive Committee has set an ambitious goal of holding four outreach meetings in developing regions during 2006-2007. The goals of these meetings are to:

  • Disseminate information on DNA barcoding and its uses for science and society;
  • Discuss possible barcoding initiatives that respond to national and regional needs;
  • Begin the process of assessing priorities and needs related to barcoding projects; and
  • Initiate the formation of regional networks for collaboration on barcoding projects.
.  The first meeting was held in Cape Town, South Africa, in April 2006.  The second meeting has in the eastern Africa hosted by Nairobi in October 2006. Other meetings are planned for South America and Southern Asia during 2007. These workshops are meant to create awareness, assess needs and start networks.



Report of the Nairobi Meeting (pdf399kb)

Meeting Announcement

Meeting Agenda and Presentations

Participants represented diversified institutions in the region. They included biodiversity researchers and policymakers, taxonomists with and without experience in molecular bio-markers, ministries of agriculture and environment, public health scientists, and private sector companies who use, or are potential users of barcoding technology.  The majority of participants from overseas were CBOL officials who made presentations.  Representatives from South Africa reported on activities sparked by the first regional barcode meeting held in Cape Town, South Africa, in April 2006.

The National Museums of Kenya (Nairobi CBOL Secretariat), together with local partners, hosted the Eastern Africa DNA Barcoding Meeting with 61 participants from 15 countries in Nariobi, Kenya 16-17 October 2006. The workshop included five Eastern Africa countries: Kenya had 26 participants; Ethiopia, 5; Tanzania, 5; Uganda, 5; and Rwanda, 1.

Images from the Nairobi Meeting

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