Guidelines for non-CO1 selection (pdf, 52Kb)

Sequence records in GenBank, EMBL and DDBJ can only be labeled as BARCODE records if they are from a gene region that has been approved by CBOL.  As of June 2007, only the Folmer region of COI has been approved for BARCODE status.  CBOL will use these guidelines to evaluate proposals to give BARCODE status to other gene regions.


Barcode Data Standards (pdf, 30Kb)
Learn how to link barcode sequence records to voucher specimens, valid species names and taxonomic publications


Barcode Data Submission Tool (Barstool)
Submit your barcode data directly to GenBank.


Barcode of Life Database (BOLD)
The University of Guelph, Ontario, offers tools to collect, manage, and analyze their DNA barcode data and to submit them to GenBank.


Barcoding Lab Protocols (pdf, 404Kb)
The first set of recommendations for procedures and equipment from CBOL’s DNA Working Group.  New barcoding labs can produce 50K sequences per year by following these protocols.


Barcoding studies in major journals
The last two years have seen a steady increase in the appearance of important DNA barcoding studies


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